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The company's core mission is artistic development.  

The financial opportunities that a highly valued artist brings to the parent company are endless and we have a solid strategy to achieve that.  True Makers develops talented artists precisely chosen based on demographics, region, social engagement, and partnership/branding  opportunities.  We merge the artists' assets with the right brands and marketing strategy.  This results in high profitability from many different revenue sources from many different industries.  The company handles 100% of the artist's career and by executing a systematic and controlled investment, the company creates an auto-sustainable platform in which it recoups the cost of development while generating profits.  This is done in part by financing and/or producing live concerts for highly established artists (Ozuna, Luis Fonsi, J.Balvin, etc...) and by re-investing a determined amount of the profit back into the development of the artist.  This would accelerate exponentially the growth and raise the value of the artist while supplying a solid 360 degree platform of cashflow and promotion to the company.


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